Curro Limited Holdings has joined the Black Wolf Family

Curro Limited Holdings has joined the Black Wolf Family

The Black Wolf pack is growing! After a competitive review process, we’re stoked to be chosen as the marketing agency to manage Curro Holdings’ digital search solutions. Curro is an independent schooling offering, with values which mirrors our own, making this pairing exciting venture for us.

Curro Limited Holdings has been operating in South Africa for 19 years and boasts an impressive number of schools and campuses across the country. As of December 2016, Curro schools were accommodating over 47 500 learners at 127 schools (including the teachers training college); Those numbers are steadily rising. With their sights set on expansion, their goal is to open 200 schools by 2021, to show shareholder return.


With these expansion goals in mind, we will look to take the lead in establishing robust search-based solutions for Curro Holdings. We’re thrilled to be working on this brand because our passion towards improving education in South Africa is a shared vision . These aligned passions are illustrated by a core focus of our business, which includes initiating and supporting projects within higher education institutions.

Candice Parkin, Curro Holdings’ Digital Marketing and Brand Manager, expressed similar sentiments when commenting on our new partnership:

“We signed up with Black Wolf Agency because we’ve followed their involvement in numerous educational projects and community development initiatives.” It speaks volumes about the business and its management.

Black Wolf Marketing Agency is slowly taking on the advertising industry with a ” flying under the radar” approach which reverberates with bold persistence, creativity and hard work; an ethos which brands alike resonate with.