what we do

Black Wolf is a creative digital agency which offers insights to grow your business. We listen to your business objectives, formulate a strategy together and create material which inspires.

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It’s a simple idea, yet it elegantly communicates everything we do. From the people and the brands we work with, to the way we work with them, we find the things that matter most. The key insight from which to create a brand, a campaign or a seismic change. Then we amplify this through inspired creative and design thinking.
It’s your stories that count. Our work is about crafting your stories and getting people to engage with your brand. We listen. We strategize. We create campaigns. And we build brands. We do so with creativity, objectivity and a purpose driven attitude to add value to the brands and the people we work with.
Apart from creating awesome campaigns for various brands, Black Wolf Agency has initiated and leads projects within higher education institutions with the aim to add value to young students who choose to pursue careers in Marketing.